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Parsha Through the Eyes of Kabbalah

Parsha through eyes of Kaballah

Every Friday morning at 8.00am we screen the video of a lecture about the Torah portion of that week from a Kabbalistic perspective. The lecture is given by Rabbi Eli Mansour, a Sephardi Rabbi from Brooklyn, New York. While watching the lecture on our big screen in the Pearl Suite, participants enjoy a delicious, hot, traditional English breakfast, because we believe in feeding the body as well as the soul! 

Pathways of the Prophets

Pathways of the Prophets

Each Tuesday evening, Hale connects with Jewish history via a 2-way video link-up with Jerusalem. Rebetzin Rivi Brussel, a popular teacher at the Shearim College of Jewish Studies for Women, teaches an introductory text-based class for women on the Book of Samuel, with interactive questions and answers.

Serious Torah at Serious Coffee

Serious Coffee
If you have burning questions about Judaism, the Torah or life in general, Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag hosts an open and frank discussion group for women at Hale’s local coffee shop, Serious Coffee. Participants send in their questions via email, and that sets the agenda for the discussion. The group meets on alternate Mondays at 1.30pm for coffee & kosher sandwiches and cake, and it’s not always as serious as it sounds!

Conversations of Torah

Conversations of Torah

Each month someone from the local community picks the topic for discussion and opens their home for a ‘Conversations in Torah’ discussion group. Rabbi Ephraim and Malki Guttentag lead the discussion and everyone is invited to bring along their opinions and participate. 

Explanatory Service

Explanatory Service

If you feel lost when you walk into a synagogue, you are not alone. Because many people would love to know how to follow the Shule service, Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag runs an Explanatory Service one Saturday morning each month. The idea is to talk more and pray less, with explanation of the structure of the service and discussion about the meaning of the various prayers. Participants are encouraged to feel comfortable and to get involved, eventually learning to lead parts of the service.

Power Breakfasts

Power Breakfasts

Rabbi Joel Portnoy’s monthly power breakfasts give people who work (or shop) in the centre of Manchester an excellent opportunity to engage with the Rabbi. They take place each month on Tuesday morning from 7.45am – 9.00am at the offices of Quilter in King Street, and a catered kosher breakfast is served. The topic is usually related to business ethics and Jewish law, which prompts lively discussions around the boardroom table.

Rosh Chodesh Group

Rosh Chodesh

Women are invited to meetings at the beginning of each Jewish month in a different home. Because Rosh Chodesh is a special ‘festival’ for women, the group invites interesting people to speak, to perform or to demonstrate their skills. Past events have included storytelling, Challah baking, holistic therapy demonstrations, and concerts. Ruthie Portnoy convenes the group and invites women of all ages and generations from across the community to come and chill out, relax and celebrate being women!

Halachah Master Class


The Hale Shule Bet Midrash hosts a periodic masterclass on contemporary halachic issues by our own Rabbi Portnoy.  Participants are given handouts of the class outline and are encouraged to ask questions and give their own views and suggestions.

Avot UBonim

Avot U Banim

Parents and children are invited to come and study together in the Beit Midrash after Shabbat each week in the winter. This programme enables parents to get involved in what their children are learning, and is recommended by busy parents as much-valued phone-free quality time! Information from youth@hale-community.org.uk.

Parenting 1-2-3


Every Monday evening, a group of parents come together to take part in the "Incredible Years" parenting course led by Sharie Morrison, a Webster Stratton trained facilitator.  This 12 week cycle gives participants the skills and techniques for reducing the negative and focusing on the positive, and most importantly - to have fun being a parent!

Hale Hands-On Series

Hale Hands-On Series

This new programme is a series of group sessions held in Shule which introduces the participants to a fun and exciting learning experience with opportunities to get "Hands-On" practice. Sessions include Tzitzit tying, Tefillin making, Mezuzah writing, Matza baking, kitchen koshering, amongst many others including life cycle events.