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Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag   Malki Guttentag
 Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag  Malki Guttentag
Ephraim was born in Gateshead and educated at the Be'er HaTorah (Gateshead) Yeshiva.  He spent 6 years learning Torah in the Lakewood East Yeshiva in Jerusalem, during which he married Malki, completed the Ohr LaGolah Rabbinic Leadership Programme at the Ohr Somayach Yeshiva and graduated with Semicha.  The Guttentags moved to Hale in August 2010, when Ephraim and Malki were appointed joint Directors of Education for the Hale Trust. 

He gives shiurim and learns with members of the community, as well as organising education programmes and events, which you can expect to include plenty of barbecues, because Ephraim loves grilling meat!
Born in London, Malki Mannes went to Yesodey HaTorah High School and then learned at the Beis Soro Schenirer Seminary in Manchester.  She worked for the Agudas Israel Housing Association before marrying Ephraim and moving to Israel, where she also trained in Jewish education. 

She enjoys running the Hale Trust programmes with her husband, learning with local women and cooking for her many guests.